Our Mission

Our primary goal here at meat shake is to provide you with the highest quality sources of liquid protein. We all know that liquid protein is loaded with amino acids which are essential to lead a healthy and vibrant lifestyle.

And remember that we have all different types of meat shakes: ham shakes, turkey shakes, beef shakes, meatball shakes, chicken shakes, and we even have fish shakes because of popular demand.

We bring you meat, endless amounts of meat.

Our ultimate vision is to provide every customer with liquid nutrition that will not only enhance health, but quality and longevity of life as well.

So browse around our website and take a look at our different meat shake offerings!

Recent News and Events

We have recently launched the meaty mobile which will bring our liquid meat shakes to your location. We will provide the same level of quality and taste in all of our mobile offerings.

Also, look out for our upcoming newsletter and come back to our website so you can join it once it is up and running.

Meat Shakes and Ketosis

We all know that the Atkins diet works. And we also know that preparing meets every single day is not only tiring but extremely expensive.

So what can you do if you do not want to spend all day at a grill making your meats?

The answer is to simply have our meat shakes every single day! Not only will we provide you with all the different amino acids, we will also increase the total amount of healthy fats entering your body.

Because let’s face it, any type of meat without any fat is not going to taste good and remember that Atkins does want you to eat a significant amount of fat.

So what is so good about Atkins and having a lot of meat shakes? Well, remember that relying on meat shakes alone will starve your body of carbohydrates which in turn will force you to enter ketosis – the most powerful form of fat loss imaginable.

And although your breath will become acidic, remember that ketosis is the most powerful form of fat loss.

So if you have been struggling to figure out how to lose fat, look no more – our meat shakes will allow you to finally get that body that you so desperately have been looking for.

Hey, what about omega three fatty acids?

I have some excellent news for you, we are now offering fish shakes because of popular demand. So if you want to get some extra amino acids and some extra omega three fats in your diet simply have some of our fish shakes when you’re following that Atkins diet.

And don’t forget to add some calcium boosts to your meat shake so you can remain as healthy as possible when losing all that weight.

So if you are ready to get in shape for summer and if you are ready to get that sexy and stunning body, stop by our meat shake restaurant right now!

And here are some more tips so that you can lose the most weight when having our meat shakes:

  • Drink lots of water
  • Take a multivitamin and mineral
  • Have a vegetable booster
  • Don’t forget about the fish shakes
  • Lift weights
  • Run a couple times per week
  • Have different types of meat shakes so that you do not become tired
  • Get lots of sleep
  • Don’t drink alcohol
  • Stay away from junk food